After all the struggle to get your partner, after all the spinning and the time and resources you had to put in to get him/her. When it’s finally settled that it’s you and her together there are some things you supposed to do to avoid early break ups:
1. OPEN YOUR REAL SELF TO THEM : Some do make the mistake of always hiding their kind of person in this point. Some even endure things that make them very angry just to pose that nothing annoys them. Yes it might work out at initial, but the day you might respond to one of those acts that provokes you, it will look like your interest for them have reduced or you have changed. So I advise you gradually expose things you do like to him or her , and also how your attitude looks like when you are angry . Then if they understand you from the beginning then there is nothing to hide.
2. DON’T GO BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN NOT KEEP UP WITH : We have seen cases of people buying things they know they can’t afford at the beginning of their relationship some even end up borrowing money from friends and family to keep up with the expensive life and their own detriment.The fact is that you might might impress them with these things but when you can’t keep up sometimes their interest drops, and you always find yourself going outside your bonds to satisfy them which push people to a lot of thing. So from the start go for things you can afford and show him or her the range of prices you can afford, then those big expenses if at all should be on rare occasions,so that even if the relationship fails you won’t be broke. But this is different if you know you can afford any thing at all.
START CREATING TIME FOR THEM FROM THE START: This is very important for every relationship, because it needs time together just a car needs petrol. So it’s start trying to create time for you two so that when seriously busy and can’t make time but of you. It will be clear.