To find a true lover who can give you real love,
you have to know what true love is. To attract
and keep him/her, you have to give a genuine
love in return. Knowing how to distinguish pure
love from false love will give you wisdom on
how to build a long-lasting relationship and
avoid the toxic ones . Such insight will also
keep you away from futile suffering due to
loving the wrong person. Moreover, it will
prevent you from hurting people and being
guilty for not giving the right love.
So without further ado, here are 20 differences
between true love and fake love that you must
1. True love makes sacrifices; fake love is
only concern of itself.
True love is selfless. Though it doesn’t neglect
itself, it is ready to make big sacrifices just to
make someone truly happy. On the other hand,
fake love is selfish, as it only cares for itself.
2. True love rejoices in the truth; fake love
hides in the darkness of lies.
True love enjoys living an honest life. It cannot
be comfortable with lies. It takes away your
doubts and insecurities, as it always shows
honesty and transparency. On the other hand,
fake love takes pleasure in making lies. It is
afraid to get near the light. It lives in the
darkness and offers no enlightenment.
3. True love is kind; fake love is cruel.
True love has a big heart. It’s generous and
compassionate. It will give you the love and
care more than what you deserve. On the other
hand, fake love is heartless. It will give you
pain and bad treatment you don’t even deserve.
4. True love is patient; fake love is short-
True love can endure and forgive your faults
and shortcomings. It will reasonably give you
many chances and wait until you change for the
better. On the other hand, fake love is easily
angered when you make mistakes. It will
quickly judge and punish you without even
hearing your explanations.
5. True love is humble; fake love is proud.
True love acts with humility. It’s not interested
in taking credits for itself. It admits its own
mistakes and even takes responsibility for the
faults of others. It can let itself down just to lift
people up. On the other hand, fake love is
boastful. It’s a credit grabber and excessively
proud of itself. It doesn’t admit its own
mistakes but rather blame them to others.
6. True love feels fulfilled; fake love feels
True love feels complete. It feels like it has
already nothing to wish for. It always enjoys
every moment with you as it considers its
dreams as now realities. On the other hand,
fake love is not happy with you. It’s greedy and
unsatisfied. It always wants to have something
more, something different.
7. True love is grateful; fake love is envious.
True love values its current possessions. It
feels thankful and blessed to have you. It
treasures what it receives from you, whether
they are big or small. On the other hand, fake
love is filled with envy. It
belittles your
presence. It doesn’t treasure your gifts. It
always feels unlucky with you, and it is always
jealous of people whom it thinks have more
possessions than it has.
8. True love is joyful; fake love is bitter.
True love has a cheerful heart. Its mind is filled
with positivity. It feels happy to see others
happy. On the other hand, fake love has a heart
filled with bitterness. Its mind is filled with
negativity. It always thinks that the world is
unfair. It usually holds a grudge on you and the
people around you.
9. True love is respectful; fake love is rude.
True love will respect your opinions, decisions,
and even your ambitions. It will also honor you
as a person. On the other hand, fake love is
arrogant. It doesn’t care about what you think
and what you feel. It considers you as an
inferior person who’s not worthy of any
10. True love protects; fake love hurts.
True love may give you pain, but it always
protects you from anything that will make you
suffer in the long run. It will defend you from
things that will corrupt you. It will shield your
relationship against things that will hinder its
growth. On the other hand, fake love will give
you false satisfaction, which only lasts for a
short time. Eventually, it will give you a toxic
relationship and destroy you as a person.
11. True love is righteous; fake love is
True love is wise and mature. It is discreet in
making decisions and actions. On the other
hand, fake love is a fool. It is childish and
narrow-minded. Its actions are reckless,
inconsiderate, and only based on its self-
12. True love knows and understands you;
fake love just doesn’t get it.
True love knows you as a person. It makes
efforts to know everything about you so it can
love you even better. It understands you even
before you say any word, as it can read your
mind and feel your emotions. On the other
hand, fake love doesn’t care about your
thoughts and feelings, thus, it doesn’t have any
idea what’s going on with you.
13. True love trusts; fake love doubts too
True love has confidence in you. It trusts your
decisions and actions. It is positive towards
you. On the other hand, fake love doesn’t trust
you. Its heart and mind are exceedingly filled
with negativities about you.
14. True love is loyal; fake love is a cheater.
True love has a strong commitment to you. It
will avoid temptations and will never try to
cheat on you. On the other hand, fake love is
always and will always be a cheater.
15. True love is faithful; fake love is
True love depends and believes in you despite
of your weaknesses and shortcomings. On the
other hand, fake love needs to have 100%
assurance that you are dependable before it
relies or believes in you.
16. True love is hopeful; fake love easily
gives up.
True love includes you in its future and sees
you as a person it wants to be with for the rest
of its life. That is why it never gives up fighting
for you and for your relationship. On the other
hand, fake love has no permanent plans for
you. Thus, it doesn’t treat you as important,
and it easily gives up on you.
17. True love acts with trembling; fake love
just doesn’t care.
True love is not just all talk and promises. It’s
not even all about mere actions. True love acts
with passion, excitement, and energy. It always
wants the best for you. It is afraid to let you
down. On the other hand, fake love is
nonchalant towards you. It always leaves you
with excuses instead of fulfilling its obligations
to you.
18. True love loves itself; fake love hates
True love loves you, but it never forgets to love
itself. It always wants to be healthy in mind,
body and soul so that it can give you a
healthier and stronger relationship. On the other
hand, fake love doesn’t care about its own
welfare. It selfishly hurts itself to the point of
self-destruction, giving you more pain and
problems your relationship doesn’t deserve.
19. True love grows a relationship; fake love
makes it sick and toxic.
True love always seeks personal development
and growth for your relationship. It serves as a
role model. It always inspires and motivates
you to be a better person. On the other hand,
fake love loves fighting and heated arguments.
It doesn’t know how to settle things in a calmly
manner. It toxifies your relationship and
destroys your good life.
20. True love lasts forever; fake love dies.
True love stays forever . It’s more than physical
and material. It lives on even lovers are already
apart or even after they die. The great story of
true love and the big sacrifices made by the
true lovers continue to inspire people,
generation by generation. On the other hand,
fake love is only after the flesh. It lives shortly,
and its story is easily forgotten.
I hope that this article has given you ideas on
how to identify true love and distinguish it from
the fake ones. Feel free to share this article to
your friends and loved ones.